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Dart Board Backer - 2.54cm thick

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Jelinek Cork high density cork dartboard backers are designed to protect walls from stray darts while also protecting dart tips from damage. These cork backers are a full one inch thick offering superior protection. As many backers as required can be butted together forming as large a backing area as needed. Easily mounted using either screws, finishing nails or adhesives.

  • Non-reflective cork will eliminate glare.
  • Easily stained to any desired color.
  • Self-sealing cork allows dart holes to close once darts removed.
  • Helps minimize damage to darts.
  • Protects walls surrounding dart boards.
  • Minimizes possibility of stray darts “bouncing” off backer.
  • Also great for pushpins.
Dimensions: 61cm x 91.5cm x 2.54cm.

Sold per backer. Dartboard not included.