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Cork Wall & Ceiling Coverings

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Acoustic Cork Wall/Ceiling Tiles

Specially formulated decorative cork panels with excellent acoustical and insulating qualities. Thick enough for push pins yet decorative like our regular tiles. Acoustical cork tiles are multipurpose. Ideal as wall and ceiling coverings, perfect as bulletin boards from one panel to a whole wall, excellent sound/heat/cold insulator, decorative yet protective dart board backer. Surface is treated with wax to repel dust and grime. 

Cork Bark Wall Tiles
These natural virgin cork bark wall tiles are individually produced directly from the bark of the cork oak tree. Natural cork bark wall tiles can be used on walls or ceilings to provide a unique look. These bark tiles can also be used has highlighting areas for dramatic effect – sides of desks or cabinets, pillars, in plant areas or wherever nature should come indoors.

Insulation Cork Wall Tiles
These distinct cork tiles can be used for multiple purposes. Possessing excellent acoustical insulation, and anti-vibration properties they also can simultaneously function as wall/ceiling tiles and tack boards. Available in several sizes and thicknesses. The tiles are available either in dark (charcoal) with a larger grain, light (natural cork shade) in a smaller grain. Also available are natural cork bark tiles - hand produced from the first harvest of cork oak trees.

Jelinek Cork Mosaic
Jelinek Cork Mosaic is used for flooring, walls, counter tops, back splashes and wall coverings in both wet and dry areas. Jelinek Cork Mosaic can remain natural cork color or stained to any other color. Cork Mosaic tiles have all the characteristics and benifits of regular cork but besides being suitable in most common rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, entranceways, etc. they are also suitable for saunas, showers, indoor pool surroundings and other potentially wet areas.

Standard Decorative Cork Wall Tiles
Cork wall and ceiling tiles are uniquely available to compliment your imaginative, decorative and functional ideas. These tiles add character and warmth to your walls by using richly textured virgin cork bark, natural or agglomerate cork in various shades, or patterned cork in geometrical or random designs.

Tackboard Cork Wall/Ceiling Tiles
These decorative cork wall tiles are the perfect solution for a decorative yet functional full or part wall tackboard or bulletin board. Ideal for pinning posters, children's drawings, or office memos. Designed to hold tacks or push pins.


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