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Arts, Crafts & Hobbies

Cork Balls
Natural cork balls come in a variety of sizes to suit your various needs (hobbies, games, whistles, floats, etc).

Cork Bark
Virgin Cork is the term given to the bark of the cork tree the first time it is stripped. This bark has a rough, natural texture which is non-toxic. This is ideal for pet displays such as terrariums, or other displays where a natural look is needed. It is also used frequently in nurseries and greenhouses for growing vines, orchids, and other plants.

Cork Decoy and Carving Blocks
Cork decoy or cork carving blocks are specifically formulated for carving and are one of the easiest carving materials to work with. Cork blocks allow for a high degree of carving and etching detail and accept painting and staining, as required. Cork decoy blocks are available in various sizes, thicknesses and densities. Cork decoy blocks are perfect for all your carving needs.

Cork Wax and Sanding Blocks
Cork waxing blocks are perfect when applying wax to skies. Wax is applied smoothly and evenly to skis without danger of scratching or other damage to ski surfaces. Cork blocks are durable yet gentle on hands and beveled upper edges allow for firm grip in sanding.

Cork Yoga Blocks, Wedges and Mats
Solid cork yoga blocks and cork wedges and cork yoga mats.

Dart Board Backer
Heavy density cork sheets designed to protect walls against stray darts but at the same time protect dart tips from damage. Easily mounted using either screws, finishing nails or adhesives.

Granulated Cork
Natural granulated cork or regranulated cork can be used for a variety of purposes. The cork grain is available in various grain sizes from fine powder to large chunks. Cork grain is also available in light or dark cork.

Natural Cork Blocks
Natural cork blocks used in the orthopedic industry (feet/shoes) including for soles of shoes, carving pieces and other crafts and hobbies.


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